CPC Ministries (short for Cuerdas para Cristo) is dedicated to producing professional violinists and cellists for the music ministry in God's Kingdom. We strive for them to know God intimately through praise, worship, and prayer. We want to facilitate their participation with the rest of the band and give them a larger role in all styles of music using both acoustic and electric violins and cellos with all sorts of effects pedals and bowing techniques. We also want them to know how to minister spiritually with their instruments to believers and unbelievers alike and in this way expand God's Kingdom.

Monday, September 26, 2011

New students

For the past 4 years I have been working in my home church in the center of Buenos Aires as a violin teacher to train a group of string players who know how to worship God and play with excellence and versatility. Developing good violinists and cellists takes a long time. It's not like learning guitar or bass; there are many more things to coordinate, but strings used in the right way can give music a very unique sound. On special occasions we've done some presentations. Here's one of them that we did last year:

This is just the beginning of a unique music ministry that I am developing. I teach using the Suzuki Method which is excellent except that it only deals with classical music. So I'm taking it and changing its repertoire around so students can learn all modern styles of music. I'm currently working on finishing the recordings for Book 1. Later on I'll upload more info on my new repertoire.

Currently I have 11 students in CPC Ministries. On Saturday, Sept. 17 we had a group class. It was a great incentive to have everyone together to play their violins. Everyone really enjoyed it.

Back row, left to right: Me, Roxana, Rocío, Sebastián, Joaquín, and Tomás. Front row: Arianna, Melina, Yamila, Jonatán, Estefanía, and Débora (click to enlarge)

Aside from Joaquín and Débora, all of these students have started within the past few weeks or months. Joaquín has been with us for about 3 years, and he's just about ready to start playing in some of our services. Soon I'll be arranging some of our congregational songs for him.

So up until now, this is the team with more people to come later on. I'm still looking for someone interested in cello. Hopefully we can work out an arrangement with regards to the costs. Soon we will be getting a presentation together for Christmas.

Prayer requests:
  • Pray for each student to grow deeper in their relationship with God.
  • Pray that God will make a way for someone in our church to take up the cello. Cellos are around triple the price of violins, and I will have to find a teacher somewhere.
  • Pray that we will never get discouraged or lose sight of God's wonderful calling to us.
Extreme blessings and thanks for visiting.