CPC Ministries (short for Cuerdas para Cristo) is dedicated to producing professional violinists and cellists for the music ministry in God's Kingdom. We strive for them to know God intimately through praise, worship, and prayer. We want to facilitate their participation with the rest of the band and give them a larger role in all styles of music using both acoustic and electric violins and cellos with all sorts of effects pedals and bowing techniques. We also want them to know how to minister spiritually with their instruments to believers and unbelievers alike and in this way expand God's Kingdom.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Greetings from South America. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I wish all of you a happy New Year. God has been very faithful to us this year.

Every Sunday afternoon, my violin students have been consistently playing in the park to support our evangelism there. Pray that God uses this to draw people to His Kingdom.

This year we also had a wonderful Christmas presentation.

Extreme blessings for 2018!